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Riding Through Grief

Memoirs can be written for a large audience as well as just one’s immediate family. Barbara Manger is an artist and a writer who lost her son Matt in a bicycle accident. She wrote
Riding Through Grief to honor his memory for family and friends, and to support strangers in the depths of grief. Barbara hired a photographer to take the cover shot. The cover is pale grey. A thin red border holds in a winter park. There is a rider-less bike leaning against a bent, leafless tree. In the distance a red figure stands against the tree line. The photographer didn’t want to use this photo because he had not seen the figure in red while shooting, but I chose it from the many that were taken. In Photoshop, I enhanced the red of the figure and then tied the entire design together by using red for the title. At its best, a cover will expose the story held within.

6 x 9; 152 pages; three editions produced: softcover with French folds, through a small-run, digital printing process, and softcover on-demand and e-book editions printed and distribution through Lightning Source.