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A People’s History for the Classroom

In 2008, I worked on the first edition of A People’s History for the Classroom, published by Rethinking Schools. There are a lot of smart people working at Rethinking Schools, including Bill Bigelow, author of A People’s History. Bill also works as the curriculum editor of Rethinking Schools magazine, and has authored or edited of many of Rethinking Schools’s books—all while teaching high school social studies in Portland, Oregon. Although Bill and I have met a few times, most of our work takes place via the Internet. Through e-mail we’ve also talked about our mutual love of many places Northwest, including Portland, and Astoria, Oregon, where Bill’s wife has roots. We‘ve talked about our common hatred of war, too easily honored each year with fireworks on the Fourth of July. All of which confirms that the Internet is not just the future of communication; it is how we talk to each other now.

In my first web-only “book” project, I took the styles from A People’s History for the Classroom and created new PDFs for Teaching a People’s History, a joint venture of the Zinn History Project, which is coordinated by Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, a group that provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to “read, write, and change the world.” Later, I shared those style sheets when the project hired a full-time graphic artist.

8.5 x 11; 120 pages; softcover; black-and-white interior; offset lithography; sewn-and-glued binding.