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Lewis and Clark: Down and Up the Columbia River

Lewis and Clark: Down and Up the Columbia River is the ultimate Lewis and Clark book for the Northwest. This unique little book covers the journey of these explorers from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, and back again to the mountains. Down and Up unfolds into a remarkable 8.5 feet in length and transforms into a unique map which shows the entire watershed that Lewis and Clark traveled on their western journey, including every campsite. One side of the page shows their journey to the ocean; flip the page over and the reader will find their journey back to the mountains, in full detail. Besides being a beautiful book, it is educational, fun and accurate. In addition, this book contains hundreds of Lewis and Clark quotes from their journals.

To create this book, Ziak made a line drawing of the river. I imported the drawing into Photoshop and “painted” the map. After adding arrows and text to the map I had to figure out how to get an 8.5-foot long map printed. Working with a Hong Kong printer we overcame the technical difficulties such as the limitations of press size. Like all my collaborations with Rex Ziak the challenges and rewards were many.

7 inches x 8.5 feet, 1 page, hard cover, 4-color interior, offset lithography and assembly in Hong Kong.