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Keeping the Promise? The debate over charter schools

Keeping the Promise? The debate over charter school
s was published by Rethinking Schools in 2008 to shed light on one of the most complex reforms in education. In a wide-ranging and thought–provoking collection of essays, it examines the charter school movement’s founding visions, on-the-ground realities, and untapped potential, all within the context of an unswerving commitment to democratic, equitable public schools.

By 2008, Rethinking Schools’s book production process had become a well-oiled machine. Our style sheet was firmly in place. Proofreader Jennifer Morales fine-tuned and unified diverse essays. The interior production went smoothly, and was paired with a beautiful cover by Patrick J. B. Flynn.

Our next challenge with Keeping the Promise and other books published by Rethinking Schools was creating interactive PDFs that would be made available on the publisher’s website. Using Adobe Acrobat to turn Tables of Contents, Indices, and web addresses into live elements in PDFs presented me with a new learning opportunity. I’ve been told that is a good thing.

6 x 9; 146 pages; softcover; black-and-white interior; offset lithography; sewn-and-glued binding.