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In the Moment: The Life and Art of Schomer Lichtner

Schomer Lichtner died at age 101 in 2006. His wife and fellow artist, Ruth Grotenrath, died at age 76 in 1988. Good lives, good artists, good story.

I met Schomer Lichtner in the mid-1990s, becoming a member of the Picnic Group, a small circle of Schomer’s friends who made dinner for him almost every Monday night following Ruth’s death. These potluck dinners were held at the homes of Picnic Group members. I joined in because I like to cook.

After Schomer’s death, the Lichtner Foundation decided to publish books about both him and Ruth, and I was invited to help tell their stories. As Susan Montgomery interviewed their friends and researched their press, I spent months going through their house with Schomer’s assistant. From that research, I developed what might be considered a curated retrospective of each artist’s work, most of which was undated. The first step was challenging, but exciting: Relying on sketchbooks, press clippings, and my own art background, I pieced together chronologies of their work.

Eventually I began the design process, matching images to Susan’s text, writing detailed descriptions of each image, and ushering In the Moment: The Life and Art of Schomer Lichtner, one volume of a two-book set, through to publication. Simple. We started a month after Schomer died in 2006, and went to press in January 2011.

9 x 12; 200 pages; softcover with French folds; gloss laminate, full-color interior, offset lithography; sewn-and-glued binding.